Tuesday, 7 October 2014

London Label to watch: Her Curious Nature

Here comes one more Label to Watch... Do you know my gold turban? I wore it quite often since I bought it at the London Fashion Weekend and I will tell you why?
I just loooove my golden turban by Her Curious Nature. I did not think that I will wear it as often as I do. Turns out it is my favourite Accessoire especially when I am in a golden mood. Also it is perfect for bad hair days and is so elegant because of the bling bling embellishment. You might think this is stupid, since i don't have any middle eastern background. But I feel quite comfortable wearing it, to be honest. When I walk down the streets in Knightsbridge there are so many arabian people with burkas or turbans that I fit in perfectly.
The only thing that differs me from them is my long blonde hair. But enough with me and more about the label that made my wonderful turban. 

Sabrina Ismail is the founder of the brand and has middle eastern and irish roots. Ismail and her Team specialise in millinery and head accessories like head bands, flower pins, head chains and everything you can put on the top of your head. What I love about it is that they make everything by hand in London, not cheap China quality, it's the good stuff.

Lots of Bling Bling as you can see, but they also do a lot of things with flowers like this head band for people who do not like the gems.

Have a look at their Online Store and get yourself a new Accessoire for your next bad hair day.

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